Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wedding Tissue Pouches

Has anyone noticed the cute little handmade tissue pouches for weddings? I noticed them about 2 months before my wedding and couldn't resist sneaking in just one more craft. These are super easy to make and remember, you don't have to make one per guest. You could get by with one per couple.

Not only did the guests love them, I actually got to use one myself when I was up at the alter. Of course when I started getting teary eyed, my nose started running. My sweet Todd had a tissue pouch in his pocket with a tissue already partially out just for that moment! Actually, I think he cried more than I did, but his nose wasn't running!

My wedding was in a gazebo with a backdrop of palm trees and the beautiful carribbean ocean, so I chose material that had more of a tropical feel. You can have a lot of fun designing these pieces. I'm actually creating several more now that will go well with Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. I'll post them online when they're completed. ;-)

So are these little tissue pouches really necessary? Well, you wouldn't want your guests wiping their tears and snotty noses on their sleeves so I say yes! If you've got a little extra time, go for it! It's a very nice touch that'll make your wedding unique.

Click here for the instructions.
Depending on the complexity, plan for about 15-20 minutes for each pouch.

To help you with inspiration, I've included a few pictures of other tissue pouch designs.

This is a great design for a tropical wedding!

If you decide to make your own tissue pouches for your wedding, I'd love to see them and feature them on my blog. Email me at

Happy crafting!


Celina Baginski
HSW Editor

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