Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My Loved Ones With Me at The Altar

My bouquet charm was the last wedding craft I made, but the first one that I had planned for. If I remember correctly, I believe I literally snuck it in the night before we left for Playa del Carmen, MX. When I first saw the idea in a craft book (I wish I remember which one!), I knew I just had to have it!

Having our wedding in Mexico came with a sacrfice - that sacrifice was not having all of our loved ones with us at the altar. But...I was able to fulfill my childhood dream of having a Spanish wedding and Todd was able to get his beach wedding.

My grandma (my mom's mom and the first woman in my charm) and I use to talk about what my big day would like. My grandma (Marcelina Alicia Urusquieta) was born in Mexico City and use to tell me all about the customs of her native country. Of course I never dreamed that she wouldn't be with me at my wedding! Afterall, she was supposed to be one of my bridesmaids - right next to my sister who was my matron of honor.

My grandma died several years ago, so I when we planned the wedding, of course I knew she wouldn't be there physically, but I had always thought that my grandparents (on my Pop's side) and our buddies Obie and Deuce (Westhighland Terriers) would be! When I realized that this wouldn't be the case, we were both sad. I had always pictured my grandparents sitting in the front row and thought Obie and Deuce would have walked me down the isle next to my father.

I know there are thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of brides who will find themselves in the same circumstance. Having your loved ones with you during your wedding (in real life) is definitely the ultimate, but when it's not possible here's an idea that I hope will cheer you up - it cheered me up. ;-)

Here are my memories that I have of my picture charms on our big day.

I carried with me pictures of my two grandma's, my grandpa, and Obie & Deuce throughout the entire day. While we were all getting ready, my mom carefully wrapped the charm around my bouquet with ribbon. While we were waiting to begin the wedding march, me and my Pop kept taking peeks at our loved ones and we talked about what they must be doing at that very moment. When I walked down the isle I was consious that they were with me. When I was at the altar, Todd and I had a moment to spend just looking at them and shortly afterwards he told me how happy he was that I had made it. (Of all of the wedding crafts, this was his favorite.) After the ceremony we spent even more time holding the charms and talking about how much we loved those pictured in it. The added bonus was that it was a great way to share the memory of our loved ones with our wedding party and our guests as they came up to see the pictures and to hear our stories.

I purchased the little picture frames at Michael's. It was a picture charm bracelet kit. Instead of making their suggested design, I came up with this quick beaded weave made of black beads and crystal beads that came with the kit. Unfortunately, I can't find this kit anymore at Michael's! I'm so bummed! But here's a site where you can purchase something similar from.

This is one heartfelt wedding craft that you'll be so happy you spent the time on!

If you make this craft, please do share!
Happy crafting!


Celina Baginski
HSW Editor

PS If you find this kit, email me and tell me where!!

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